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  21. General
      1. Employees, partners and associated staff of Genex are not accountable for any loss, harm or damage occurring due to usage of information from the portal. Customers are advised to use their own discretion in such matters. Genex is not legally responsible for the same in any matter what so ever. The facts & figures stated anywhere on the site are approximate and a personal view point of Genex Team and holds no responsibility. User is advised to do their own research before using Genex services.
      2. The rates may vary/change any time and Genex holds no responsibility.
      3. Please do an in-depth survey of the market and register for Genex Program at your own risk. If you agree, it is understood that you have done it with your own free will & full consent and you indemnify Genex fully.
      4. Genex may have a commercial understanding with the healthcare service provider to which you will have no objection.
      5. Health care centers displayed may not be tied up due to constant change in understanding with those health centers. Members must write an email to know exact status of any particular health care center at that time of availing services. Location of health centers may not be accurate in the map. Please call up the health center directly for exact location. Genex will not liable..
      6. Genex will try its best to offer you the Medical Center of your choice else it will help you avail the services at an alternative empaneled medical center.
      7. Genex does not hold any responsibility for the quality of Medical Center. All medical centers are working independently of Genex and by no means Genex looks after their management or their capabilities. The patient will be utilizing the services at his/her own risk.
      8. Genex holds no responsibility for any commitments made by any agents. The customer is strictly advised to read Genex Policies before registering.
      9. List of most Medical Centers may be available on ‘Genexchild.com’. The customer agrees to the fact that list of centers is a dynamic process and addition and deletion of the centers keep happening.
      10. Booking appointment thru Genex website is a way to authorize and request Genex to help in fixing the time slot as per the convenience of the customer, however final discretion is on the availability of medical centers and its practitioners and Genex hold no responsibility whatsoever.
      11. The customer must Generate a booking code in advance BEFORE going to/contacting the Medical Center. Unless the booking code received on the cellular phone as sms is shown to the Health Center, the Health Center may not abide by their understanding with Genex.
      12. Please Only Communicate on support@genex.com for any information / clarification regarding your services. Genex does not hold any responsibility of any communication done through any other means.
      13. This program can not be combined with any other promotional activities or offers at Genex or its network.
      14. Enrolling in this program is at your own free will and you cannot make any claims from Genex under any circumstances.
      15. Genex reserves the right to withdraw the offer anytime at its discretion without assigning any reason.
      16. Genex shall try to accommodate the requests selected for Fixed Deposit option but in case of the network partner restrictions, the requests will be shifted to Free Health Plan Option.
      17. Tests may be done at any health center in Genex network with a prior booking only.
      18. Book tests at least 3 working days in advance
      19. Genex will pay the money only if there is no interference from any third party.
      20. The Genex Mother & Child Development Program is a voluntary program which the Parents/ users have agreed of their own volition. No claims regarding the registration for the program or availing of its benefits on the ground that the registration/ use of the program is coercive or involuntary. The mother has to register with Genex within 8 months of LMP when pregnant, the delivery of the child must happen on Genex network and payment must go via Genex website to avail the FD benefits of The Genex Mother & Child Development Program.
      21. The mother will have to remain on Genex network throughout her pregnancy. This entails getting that all the test prescribed by global standards, as decided by Genex, including the delivery will have to be booked through Genex on its network. A list of the prescribed tests during pregnancy is available on the App.
      22. All the payment will have to be made to the health centers through Genex website/App. If the payment is made directly without using the Genex platform, the user will be terminated from the program and nothing will be given.
      23. You may register later than 8 months also to get Genex help to book your tests. At this stage you will however not be eligible for free FD under the program.
      24. Genex at its own discretion may shift the FD plan to Genex Health Plan.
      25. After delivery & neo-natal test, Genex will get FD (or your selection at the time of registering) done in your name. All FD’s will be linked to the Bank accounts.
      26. After the issuance of FD, In the 18 year journey, once every month the mother or child will have to login for us to know that the child is healthy and alive. The FD will be withdrawn if the the Girl Child is not alive.
      27. After child’s birth, for further benefits and cash backs on the your treatment you may choose Genex services. This will help you and your child maintain their health records. The Girl can withdraw the FD amount at maturity only after obtaining NOC from Genex
      28. Genex has the final discretion and may refuse any time without any reason. Genex may terminate this offer or/and the entire program as and when they deemed fit.
      29. The lifetime free membership given to newly born boy or girl will keep renewing every year subject to the condition that the plan is used at least twice every year. Failure to do so will result in termination of the free membership permanently.
      30. Any information which is not clearly true or understood will lead to termination of the FD amount. Any ambiguity / confusion regarding any information submitted to Genex or its channel partner will lead to Termination. Any benefit of doubt will go to Genex.
      31. The FD amount will belong to Genex in case of any mishappening or death of the child at any time before the maturity of the same. If FD is not claimed with in 3 months after the girl turning 18, the amount of FD will go back to Genex.
      32. The recipients are eligible only when they get all tests for pregnancy/ child birth done (as prescribed by any agency or doctor or any other global standards which Genex deems fit, as per info available on Genex platform) through Genex network after making proper bookings and paying through Genex. Any test not done or done outside Genex network will terminate the offer from Genex. This list shows the minimum tests needed for a healthy child. Please consult your doctor/gynaecologist for any other test and please get those also done. Genex will not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong with the mother or/and the child at any stage before, during or after pregnancy. Genex is helping you suggest the tests and you may/may not abide by it.
      33. Children up to age of 18 are also eligible for Free Health Plan provided they adhere to the rules stated above.
      34. Every test shall be booked through Genex at a center of your choice at least 3 working days in advance. If the center of your choice is not available on Genex Network, Genex will help get that center on its network else help you with another center on its network. Tests/procedures would be including delivery & neo-natal tests for the new born. Failure to skip any tests in the list after your registration, or not do the same booked through Genex will automatically terminate this offer. Genex assumes no responsibility of any kind and by selecting this offer you indemnify Genex for any mishappening before, during & after the tests. Test cost has to be borne by you and has to be paid through Genex platform.