Options For Genex Mother & Child Development Program


Free Fixed Deposit of Rs.11,000 for your Daughter:

  This option can be selected anytime in the mother's first 8 months of pregnancy.

Plus, get Interest on ₹11,000 for the next 18 years. This would become about ₹50,000 in the future, which can be used by your Daughter for whatever she wants. Read More..


Lifetime Health Plan for ALL Children:

 This option can be selected for any child, unborn or born (up to 18 years old).

The program is open to all children up to 18 years of age. The Health Plan will assist them with any medical needs, provide discounts on bills, and help them save a lot of money. Read More..


Life & Health Protection for Mothers

  This option is for all pregnant females.

Pregnant Mothers may select this option. They will receive a life & health protection card that will support them with every medical need, provide discounts and help save a lot of money.Read More..