It's sad to know that most of us want a Male Child. We have grown up living with the age-old tradition where Girls are not treated at parity with Boys. When we know that Girls are in no way lesser than Boys, then why this discrimination?

It is time we all get together and do something for our loved ones. Let's be fair and give them equal opportunity and a secured future. In the bid to do that, GENEX has taken this step, and with the help of people like you, who care for India and respect women, we can make a difference. It is not GENEX's project; it's every Indian's project.

What we offer in this nationwide program:

  Fixed Deposit of Rs.11,000 when a Girl is born. This will be given with interest to her when she turns 18 years [approx. Rs. 50,000 by then] for her financial security. She can use this money however she wants!
  Free Health Plans for every child, which may be used for their entire lifetime. This will help them save money on every medical test they need throughout their lifetime.
  Free Life and Health Protection Card for mothers. They will receive a life & health protection card that will support every medical need and help save a lot of money.
  Parting knowledge of all tests to be taken regularly to give birth to a healthy child. Healthy children create a healthy India.
  Giving access to free cloud service to store all medical prescriptions for easy access in the future.

Empowering women should start right from birth, and when they come into this world, they should know that they are Equal. Here at Genex, it is our mission to make this possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any valuable suggestions. We will be happy to incorporate them.